TECHMA EDM technology

We are overhauling and selling over 100 AGIE and Charmilles EDM wire and sinking machines per year.

About 20 employees in administration and production take care for a quick and professional processing. In our work shop with 2000 m² we can always show you about 40-50 machines in different sizes and specifications.

If desired we deliver the refurbished machine with programming system, chiller and clamping accessories. Also we can support the installation and training by our technicians in your company.

We can help beginners in this technology to be successful from the start!

Einzug in den großen Forst

Our new headquarter in Nürtingen - Germany. You are welcome to visit us and see the EDM machines we can offer.

+++ Techma news +++

+ New arrivals + 

gebrauchte Drahterodiermaschine AGIE Progress V4

AGIE Progress V4

now available:
AGIE Progress V4
Year 2008
Large travel ways
Perfect for huge parts

Drahterodiermaschine AGIE Challenge 2 eCut

AGIE Challenge 2 eCUT

now available:
AGIE Challenge 2 eCUT
Year 2005
incl. 3D-Setup
incl. F-Module

Charmilles Roboform 350 mit Toolmaster Automation

Charmilles Roboform 350

Now available:
Charmilles Roboform 350
Year 2004
Erowa chuck
no electrode changer

GF AgieCharmilles Progress VP3

GF Progress VP3
Year 2020 – new machine!
Ready for delivery!