Measuring and Remoddeling


Should the axis of your machinens be not exact, we can make a new measuring to adjust it. We use a HP-laser-measuring tool for highest correctness. This laser includes a temperature-compensation, so we can get exact measurings up to 1/100.000mm.

Laservermessung einer Erodiermaschine


a small overview about our remodellings:

Water purify: In order that you get better filter-durability. There will be four filters extra attached, wich are operated by a SPS-controller.

Wasserraufbereitung einer Erodiermaschine

Vermessung der Erodiermaschine

Umbau einer Erodiermaschine


Data transfer: The punched card- or diskette- device gonna be changed in the AC and DEM series. So the machinen can be linked with a pc directly.

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+ New arrivals + 

gebrauchte Drahterodiermaschine AGIE Progress V4

AGIE Progress V4

now available:
AGIE Progress V4
Year 2008
Large travel ways
Perfect for huge parts

Drahterodiermaschine AGIE Challenge 2 eCut

AGIE Challenge 2 eCUT

now available:
AGIE Challenge 2 eCUT
Year 2005
incl. 3D-Setup
incl. F-Module

Charmilles Roboform 350 mit Toolmaster Automation

Charmilles Roboform 350

Now available:
Charmilles Roboform 350
Year 2004
Erowa chuck
no electrode changer

GF AgieCharmilles Progress VP3

GF Progress VP3
Year 2020 – new machine!
Ready for delivery!