TECHMA eroding technology - a success story

1995 Rolf Krieg launched "TECHMA CNC-Maschinen Technik GmbH" in Frickenhausen with two partners as director of the company. In that time the business purpose was selling and installation of various CNC-working centres.

1996 A cooperation contract with the company AGIE in Schorndorf has been done. That includes cooperation in the sector of 2nd hand AGIE wire edm.

In the following years Techma focused on AGIE wire edm machines and increased the number of yearly sales.

2009 During the financial crisis and the following depression, Techma started to offer financial services to their customers. This led to a strong increase in sales and variety of machines.

Following to the merge of AGIE and Charmilles, Techma also started to focus on Charmilles EDM machines as well as spark edm machines. From this time on Techma focuses on all GF Machining Solutions EDM machines.

2012 A new workshop has been opened in Frickenhausen with 1000 square meters of additional storage which became necessary due to the increase in sales.

Werkstatthalle Techma Erodiermaschinen

2015 Falco Krieg (son of Rolf Krieg) enters the company and becomes short after responsible for the sales department

2016 Lars Krieg (son of Rolf Krieg) also enters the company as technical director with the responsibility for operations

2017 Falco and Lars Krieg get promoted to managing directors and lead the company together with Rolf Krieg. All shares are now held by Family Krieg.

2019 After construction time of only 9 months, Techma moves to their new headquarter in Nürtingen. This new headquarter offers 2400 square meters of storage and working space to increase further business.


Einzug in den großen Forst



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gebrauchte Drahterodiermaschine AGIE Progress V4

AGIE Progress V4

now available:
AGIE Progress V4
Year 2008
Large travel ways
Perfect for huge parts

Drahterodiermaschine AGIE Challenge 2 eCut

AGIE Challenge 2 eCUT

now available:
AGIE Challenge 2 eCUT
Year 2005
incl. 3D-Setup
incl. F-Module

Charmilles Roboform 350 mit Toolmaster Automation

Charmilles Roboform 350

Now available:
Charmilles Roboform 350
Year 2004
Erowa chuck
no electrode changer

GF AgieCharmilles Progress VP3

GF Progress VP3
Year 2020 – new machine!
Ready for delivery!